An On-Chip Network Model for Diverse Interconnect Systems

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  • Tutorial on HeteroGarnet (gem5 workshop ISCA 2022): [youtube]
  • Tutorial on Garnet2.0  (gem5 workshop at Arm Research Summit 2017): [slides]

Learning NoCs using Garnet2.0

Tushar Krishna’s Interconnection Networks course at Georgia Tech  [Spring 2017, Spring 2019, Spring 2020] is a good resource for instructors and students wishing to learn about NoCs, and using Garnet2.0 as your research/learning vehicle.

The course page provides access to lecture notes and lab assignments.

The gem5 version used in the course can be cloned from here:

Georgia Tech specific setup instructions are here.

Additional Features [not part of the gem5 repo]

The following features can be added to Garnet2.0 as patches.


For questions related to using or debugging Garnet2.0, please send an email on gem5-users mailing list.

For questions/comments related to the additional features or on learning NoCs using Garnet2.0, you can email Tushar Krishna. I will try to respond as soon as I can.

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