We strongly believe in enabling researchers to perform rapid design-space exploration and prototyping of novel microarchitectures. To this end, we have developed and released the following open-source design tools.

Please email Tushar Krishna if you need any information about any of these tools.

Networks-on-Chip (NoC) for Many-core SoCs

Link Description Language Papers
garnet Network-on-Chip and Network-on-Package Model inside the gem5 full system simulator C++


DAC 2020

OpenSMART Parameterizeable NoC RTL generator  Bluespec
(generates Verilog)

Deep Learning Accelerator Modeling Frameworks

Link Description Language Papers
Union Optimizer in MLIR for Accelerator Mapping/HW DSE C++ PACT 2021
GAMMA DiGamma Specialized Genetic Algorithms for Mapping and HW resource optimization for DNN Accelerators C++

ICCAD 2020

DATE 2022

MAESTRO Analytical Model for Deep Learning Dataflows C++ MICRO 2019
SCALE-sim Systolic Array Simulator  C++ ISPASS 2020
STONNE Cycle-level simulator for flexible Dense and Sparse DNN Accelerators  C++ IISWC 2021
ASTRA-Sim Deep Learning Distributed Training Simulator C++ ISPASS 2020

Deep Learning Accelerator RTL

Link Description  Language  Papers
SIGMA Sparse and Irregular GEMM Accelerator  Verilog HPCA 2020
MAERI DNN Accelerator with Reconfigurable Interconnects Bluespec
(generates Verilog)
Microswitch-NoC NoC specialized for DNN Accelerators Bluespec
(generates Verilog)
NOCS 2017

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