• Aug 2020: Dr Krishna, Hyoukjun Kwon, Michael Pellauer (NVIDIA), Angshuman Parashar (NVIDIA) and Ananda Samajdar co-authored a Synthesis Lectures on Computer Architecture titled “Data Orchestration in Deep Learning Accelerators” which was released by Morgan & Claypool publishers.

  • Aug 2020: Dr. Krishna gave an invited talk titled Benchmarking DNN Models on Future Inference and Training Platforms at the MLBench workshop at ISPASS 2020.

  • Jul 2020: Our paper on GAMMA – a genetic algorithm based framework for finding efficient mappings of DNNs on accelerators accepted at ICCAD 2020! Congrats Sheng-Chun (Felix) – on a roll!

  • Jul 2020: Our paper on ConfuciuX – a Reinforcement Learning method for Accelerator Design-Space Exploration got accepted at MICRO 2020! Congrats to Sheng-Chun (Felix) for his first paper!

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